Road Trip to Escondido, CA
The chair with a view

The chair with a view.
The chair with a view.

Over the holiday weekend I took a road trip to San Diego (Escondido) to visit my parents.  It was the perfect weekend head towards the coast as the temperatures here in the desert rose to 113 F over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

The ranch were my parents live is a very rustic, 20-acre developed parcel with a creek that meanders through it.  A natural waterfall surrounded by large boulders, oaks and filled with bright red Canna lilies can be seen in the distance from my parents back patio.  The Kumeyaay Indians used to live in the area and they carved mortars into the boulders to grind acorns and other food.  A friend of ours found an arrowhead alongside of this area several years ago.

While I was getting the tour from my dad on the latest improvements to the property, he told me about his chair by the creek.  I asked him what the chair by the creek was and he replied “it is the best view on the property.”  “Lets go check it out,” I replied.

The mortars where the Kumeyaay Indians would grind their food.
The mortars where the Kumeyaay Indians would grind their food.

As I walked down towards the creek I saw the lone white chair positioned facing the waterfall.  It sat on the bank and the trees above created a nice shady area.  I sat in the chair as he explained “why” this was the best spot to sit and enjoy the view.  He said “as you are sitting here you can hear the babbling creek and when you look straight ahead you can see the waterfall under the Oak trees in the distance.  You can also look to the right and see the old horse pasture.”

He told me of his plans to build a viewing deck in that location.  It would be a place where he can put a few chairs and enjoy the views with friends and family.   I agreed, it was an amazing view.

Dad had discovered a new way to enjoy his property.  He has lived there for 13 years and he is just now sitting down to enjoy the views around him.  After years of tree trimming, lawn mowing, fixing sprinklers, broken fences and other general maintenance, he is finally just taking a few moments every day to just sit and enjoy his property.

A photo of the waterfall from winter '08.
A photo of the waterfall from winter '08.

One day I would like to retire on a property like my parents ranch.  It is like living in a park or private wildlife reserve.  It is a place where you can find peace and really enjoy nature.  A place where you want to slow down, take a few moments each day to smell the flowers and to enjoy an amazing view!

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