Rock art of one form or another occurs all over the world: Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. The U.S. has sites in most of its states, including some celebrated Hawaiian petroglyphs. All of the images in this show come from within California.

The images recorded here fall into two categories ‑ Petroglyphs, which are images carved, pecked, or chipped into stone and Pictographs, which are images painted onto stone. Typically the images are of geometric designs, zoomorphic figures, spirals and concentric circles. While dating rock art can be difficult, scholars have identified some images as old as 3,000 years. Rock Art is an important part of the cultural and historic legacy of Native Americans.

The photographs of the images were produced by Glen Travis (1917-1997) during his residence in Temecula over a 12 year period beginning in 1985. The Temecula Valley Museum owns over 500 photographs by Glen Travis.

Come see the exhibit on Saturday, February 5th and then stay for the FREE Open Rehearsal in the Theater anytime between 2:30pm and 5:00pm.

Stay as long as you like to see and hear the California Chamber Orchestra under the baton of conductor and artistic director, Dana Mambourg Zimbric. They will be rehearsing selections by Mozart and Haydn for the 7:30pm ticketed performance: WINTER TRIFLES featuring solo pianist Hei-ock Kim.

Ms. Kim made her orchestral debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra when she was 15 and her solo debut at Carnegie Hall in 1991. She holds a doctorate in piano performancefrom Catholic University of America, as well as a master’s degree from Juilliard.

The Gallery at The Merc, 42051 Main Street, Temecula, CA 92590 1.866.OLD.TOWN (1.866.653.8696)

Source: City of Temecula


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