Yucca Valley is strategically placed at the crossroads of the Hi-Desert, at the intersection of two state highways that lie at the center of this Mojave Desert Town.  On Saturday, October 13 Yucca Valley saw its first new park open in 39 years, the new park is a yet to be named dog park.  As I saw people coming to this ribbon cutting ceremony from all over the Basin, not just Yucca Valley I realized what an important role Yucca Valley plays to its citizens as well as the surrounding communities.  Being the largest Town in the Morongo Basin of course people go to this Town to shop, see a movie, dine and of course some are just getting gasoline and passing through to go to the Colorado River, the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center the Joshua Tree National Park or off-roading in Johnson Valley.  Yucca Valley’s role is much bigger than that, people come so their children can play in Town sponsored sports programs such as soccer, football, basketball, softball and t-ball.  People young and old take free/affordable classes at Town Hall such as aerobics, whittling, dance and exercise classes.  There is a skate park and a beautiful community center with grass.  They come here to swim in the Town swimming pool or ride the BMX track or partake in many of the activities at the Boys and Girls Club and an incredible Nature Museum.  There are Town sponsored lectures, holiday events, every summer they have weekly concerts in the park and on hot summer days they open Town Hall as a cool center.  The senior center serves meals daily and has activities geared towards the elderly population.  

The link below will tell more about Town activities as there are too many to list in this blog:


A new senior housing unit coming into Town soon that will be next to the Senior Center and a new youth sports complex is under construction which includes a miracle league ball field for children with handicaps.  They are also constructing a new state of the art animal shelter.  Yucca Valley really is the hub of the Hi-Desert and worth a visit to this cooler desert, stop and stay a while.

Back to the subject of the dog park, I also realized as I saw families with their children playing on the playground, dogs off their leashes playing in the grass on the dog portion of the park that this is really a family park for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in naming this as of yet unnamed park you can use the form at the below link to submit your idea:


Below you will find photos of the ribbon cutting day, I hope you enjoy seeing all of the happy people and dogs from Yucca Valley and the many surrounding communities in this beautiful Mojave Desert setting.

Take It Easy – Mojave


  1. I loved the ribbon cutting event at the new South Side Park! Seeing all of those children and dogs having a great time in this beautiful new park made me proud to be a part of this amazing community where people come together to improve our quality of life.

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful articles! I look forward to reading more. I moved to Yucca when I was four years old in 1968 – my brother had horrible asthma. He never was sick again. I always enjoy visiting.


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