The Mammoth Tribune is reporting “According to Bureau of Land Management Archaeologist Greg Haverstock, an unknown individual or individuals ravaged a half-mile, federally protected archaeological site by using power tools to remove petroglyphs that could date back as much as 10,000 years.” The destruction was first reported October 31st when volunteers with the Archeological Preservation Resource Group made a routine check of the area.

The Mammoth Tribune article continues, ” ‘This was a very selfish act,’  Haverstock said. ‘Thousands of visitors come each year to see these sites, and in a few hours, these people forever impacted this resource. The damage to the site is virtually irreversible, and the artifacts that were stolen are irreplaceable. The damaged site was a pristine example of Great Basin rock art and hunter-gatherer domestic, religious, and subsistence activities. The location of archaeological materials, feature remains, and the rock art clearly portray the activities that occurred at the site during the past 3,500 years.’ ”

The  Bishop Paiute Tribe is devastated at the destruction of this revered site.

This is a felony offense, and anyone who knows anything about it is encouraged to contact the BLM: Melody Stehwien at (760) 937-0301, or Eric Keefer at (760) 937-0657, both in the BLM Bishop Field Office. A reward has been offered.

You can read the whole Mammoth Times article here: