Historic Railroad Trail

BOULDER CITY, Nevada – The Historic Railroad Trail reopened Sept. 24, and Goldstrike and Arizona Hot Spring trails will reopen Oct. 1.

Historic Railroad Trail
The third tunnel along the Historic Railroad Trail is open. Visitors can now hike the full trail from the park to the Hoover Dam. The tunnel was temporarily closed due to visible deterioration of the timber cribbing.

Engineers from the Federal Highway Administration assessed all five tunnels and recommended short- and long-term solutions for visitor safety.

For the short-term, cargo containers have been inserted into tunnels 2 and 3 to serve as a portal and to protect visitors from possible falling rocks. Ramps have been added in and out of the containers, so the trail is still accessible. Park staff is working to implement long-term recommendations at all five tunnels.

The former railroad grade provides panoramic views of Lake Mead, overlooking the Boulder Basin, as well as many opportunities for visitors to see the railroad route that ran from Boulder City to Hoover Dam from 1931 to 1961. The project will preserve this cultural resource for future generations to discover and enjoy.

To view a virtual experience along this trail, visit www.nps.gov/lake/planyourvisit/hikerr.htm.

Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona Hot Spring Canyon Trails
Goldstrike Canyon and White Rock Canyon/Arizona Hot Spring Canyon trails will reopen Oct. 1. The two strenuous trails close annually during the hot summer months in the interest of public and employee safety.

The 5-mile roundtrip hike at Goldstrike Canyon requires rock scrambling and climbing. It leads to hot springs and the Colorado River. The area known as White Rock Canyon has multiple trails leading to the Arizona Hot Spring, Liberty Bell Arch and the Colorado River.
When hiking, visitors are reminded to be aware of changing weather conditions. The temperatures in the canyons can be 10-20 degrees warmer. They are also located in washes, which may flood during heavy rains.

To view a full list of the park’s trails, visit https://www.nps.gov/lake/planyourvisit/hike.htm.

Source: NPS


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