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A great way to research and plan  your trip!

If you are thinking about taking a trip to the desert, do a little research on the Web site first.  We have thousands of pages about desert parks, plants, animals, geology and fun things to do in the desert regions.  If you have questions about a specific area or desert topic you are sure to find an answer or two on the message board.


The Message Board has 7 forums set-up by topic where you can post questions or share information.  When I needed help with the id of a specific bird, I posted the photo on the message board and I received several helpful responses.  Others ask about where to stay or what to do in specific parks or areas.  Or if you are seeking lost treasure and old mines, check out the Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting forum.  You might find some tidbits of treasure there.

Here is a list of our forums:

  • General Desert Information
  • Desert Plant and Animals
  • Travel in the Desert
  • Desert Environmental and Land Uses
  • Colorado River Information and Reports
  • Off-Road Travel and Activities
  • Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting

Our newest forum is the Gold Prospecting and Treasure Hunting forum.  We have a new moderator named Jim Hatt.  He has been researching the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains for years.  He has written a number of great posts and people have posted information about that topic and other lost treasure.

Click here to view the treasure forum on the DesertUSA Message Board.

Click here to read about the Lost Dutchman Mine and all related posts.

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Lynn Bremner is the author of, a blog about desert road trips and tips. She started the blog after moving to Indio, CA where she now resides. Now a true desert dweller, Lynn has added in some of her own views on desert living. The heat does not keep her indoors in the summertime. She is out running, golfing or taking short day trips to some of the local points of interest. After years of traveling along the dusty, desert trails with her father, she has come to appreciate the beauty and solitude of the desert landscape. Her father’s passion for prospecting, desert lore and exploring the desert parks took their family to many interesting places, mostly in California, Nevada and Arizona. Lynn now writes about her desert road trips and intertwines a little bit of desert living into the mix.


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