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Tumlinson Saga

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:04 am
by RMG1976
It has taken me many months – a lot of reflection – and a lot of conversations with members of the Tumlinson and Leasman families to get to a point where I tell the magical, yet heart-wrenching story of Travis Tumlinson, his involvement with maps used by Adolph Ruth, the rocks, and the later exploitation of The Society of Jesus and the Father’s of yesteryear.

I suppose I could follow that pathway left behind by many that came before me – write a book – and try and sell it down at the Superstition Mountain Museum. I am not interested. Instead I rejoice in the tremendous honor and privilege of recounting hundreds of years of history, mainly uncovered though years of research by myself, and supported by wonderful friends that I have made within the Tumlinson and Leasman families and my most trusted confidant, Lynda ( “Old” ).

I had identified a site deep within the Superstition Mountains – a site that I had nicknamed ‘The 1847 Site” – built and crafted with such passion and craftsmanship. I found this site by using a series of encrypted documents / carvings left behind by Travis Tumlinson.

Travis was a brilliant man – a cunning man – but a very honest man. He had a lust for gold and riches like many that will read this. He was driven – he was dedicated and could not, nor would not give up. I admire him for that. I admire him for a lot of things.

Travis was born in 1910 – in a very small city outside of Stockdale Texas - called Pandora. Quite the ironic name, if you ask me, given that his life would become quite the Pandora’s Box of mystery and intrigue. Outside of Jacob Waltz(er) - (who I am still not convinced found anything in the Superstition Mountains at all), Travis isthe second most recognizable name for a series of mountains that have become my second home.

The early years of Travis life were shaped by a loving and endearing grandfather - John Jackson Tumlinson – aka PegLeg Tumlinson. Many are familiar with the works of Travis’ grandfather, as best described in the book written by J. Frank Dobie entitled “Coronado’s Children”.

While many will interpret PegLeg as a semi-celebrity due to his recognition in Mr. Dobie’s book, PegLeg was anything but. He was a simple man – a loving man – a true Texan. I have held in my hands a letter that PegLeg wrote just hours before his death – he spoke of Travis – and the associated love he had for all of his family. He worked very hard for the things he had, which were minimal. Ironically, his plans for the coming week was to simply just sell a sewing machine to try to bring in some extra money. He never had the opportunity to find a buyer. He died of a heart attack – something that has been the cause of death for almost all Tumlinson’s, including Travis.

Travis would visit and spend a lot of time with his grandfather at his cabin just outside of Stockdale. Many photos of this cabin have been shown, as well as a video that I shot and published for folks here on DUSA. The carvings on the chimney are remarkable, but also eerily similar to the artistic expression employed on the stone maps. One of the plans of the TV series was to have these carvings dated to the best of current day technology. While there is a date on the carvings, one thing I have learned with this story is to never take things at face value. The weaving of the arrows between Travis and his dreams and future goals would be a major part of understanding how to decrypt the stone maps. This is an anomaly that is not fully understood.
Travis in his 20’s was a train-wreck. He made some very poor decisions – and did things that were not a true representation of the man he would later become. He paid his dues, as he should have, and would eventually meet with the Sherriff of Wilson County, Texas – to plead for forgiveness and would ultimately be issued a full pardon.

In the mid 1930’s Travis moved to Arizona. He worked at a mine with his wife Alleen (pronounced AL – EEN). Their job was to tend to the donkey’s that would bring ore out of a copper mine owned by the modern day company, Rio Tinto. Travis worked in mining for about 3.5 years, according to records verified by the HR Department of Rio Tinto. Many thought Travis’ first time in Arizona was on a road trip to visit family in 1949, this is not the case.
While Travis’ was working for the copper mine ( the name of the series of claims was called “Walnut Canyon” ) – he would start to investigate many of the treasuretales and legends within Arizona. The first of which was a fantastical, but verifiable, story of the Colossal Cave located near Tucson, Arizona. A quick google search will educate you on the story of the Colossal Cave and a very intriguing story of bandits, train robberies – all backed up by records of Wells Fargo.

Travis writes in one of his many journals that he recovered 26,000 pieces of “something” (he doesn’t specify) from the Colossal Cave. Given the history of this legend, and the facts we have available today, these were more than likely 26,000 gold coins. Even at the lowest denomination – this would equate to a very sizable and profitable recovery for Travis. This is a very important piece of the story – and something that will set Travis up for his explorations in the Superstitions, as well as making vast investments in property and bonds that equate to millions of dollars in today’s money.
Understandably – and much like gambling – Travis now has a very real taste of what treasure hunting means. He delves even deeper into other legends within Arizona, starting with Adolf Ruth.

I am not going to go into detail of the Adolph Ruth story, as many that have come before me have done a fantastic job of recounting those facts, most notably Matthew Roberts. Parts have been left out though, and that would be Travis’ involvement with the maps that Mr. Ruth used and had in his possession at the time of his murder.

I mentioned earlier that one of the biggest things we all learned in dismantling Travis’ story was to never take things at face value. This would become increasingly true as time would go on – the things we would see on the surface, and would consider to be factual, would rescind similar to the ebbs and flow of the ocean. This made my job – our job – very difficult at times – as even the smallest of details could derail everything we thought we knew.
One of the biggest breakthroughs I discovered was in Travis’ manuscript, Challenge for Superstition Gold. It’s a very well written book – full of detail – written in a way that could put even the most prolific writers today in jeopardy. I have read his book countless times - but still remember the first time. I was in awe to read something so magical.

The book starts out by Travis recounting the history of Arizona – and the people that lived in the Superstitions prior to the arrival of the “white man”. He then goes on to give a history of Jacob Walzer ( I suppose they didn’t call him Waltz back then ) and his massive gold mine. He does a great job in describing things – and creating a very vivid backstory that would lead to his further explorations.

He speaks of Adolph Ruth – and his obsession with finding the maps that Mr. Ruth used. To quote a few sections of his book:
“Let me tell you something about Roy Bradford. Everyone believes that him and Old Tex were the ones that did the killing. Roy was ill several years before he died and when he first got sick he was moved out of the hills. He went to Barkley’s ranch house where he received treatments for his illness, administered by someone who worked for Barkley and claimed to be a Doctor. He (Roy) said that he knew a lot of things and they (Barkley’s) didn’t trust him with that information. Roy believed that the medicine they were giving him was intended to do away with him.”

“That night they hiked into the Superstitions, headed towards Roy Bradford’s old camp near a spring. Lighting a kerosene lamp, they went inside, it was just a shack with the roof falling in. Miller saw a raft of newspapers scattered about on the floor. Miller looked at the old table to see that the oilcloth had been tacked to the table along its edges. It was shortly thereafter that Charlie Miller came up with several old treasure maps.”
“They then went into a hidden tunnel and found a couple of old rifles, among other things that had been stashed there for years. Today, Miller still has one of the old rifles, it’s a .30-40 Krag Carbine, the rifle that killed Adolph Ruth in December of 1931.”

What is fascinating about this is we learn much more about Charlie Miller, a name that has come up frequently in posts made throughout the years. Not only that, we learn that Charlie Miller recovered maps that were more than likely the possession of Adolph Ruth & even the firearm that killed him. This would be a fascinating side story should anyone have the desire to research and get in contact with Mr. Miller’s family (should he have any still alive, unsure?)

But here is the breakthrough – it was a telegram that Travis sent, in his own handwriting

To quote:

“If you still find it impossible to work with me in the Superstitions on the terms we discussed when I called you last spring, then I trust we can do business on other terms.The Stone Maps have possibilities and are very interesting. Have you ever thought of selling them? I will make you a reasonable offer up to $8000.00 cash for the entire collection.

Wire your decision collect”

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:17 pm
by somehiker
Thanks for the post Ryan.
I'm sure that many of those who are still interested in the topic will welcome the release of more of what all of this has been based on.
From day one to the present.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:36 pm
by RMG1976
somehiker wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:17 pm
Thanks for the post Ryan.
I'm sure that many of those who are still interested in the topic will welcome the release of more of what all of this has been based on.
From day one to the present.
You are welcome, Somehiker - that is the intention and will do so to the best of my ability. If there are questions that people have, please compile them and I will earnestly answer those as well.

Things I do not have permission to show, as I do not have the legal right to do so, would be any of the maps or original photos of the stones. Just to put that on the table immediately. Should the owners of that information decide to post that on their own, is up to them.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:46 pm
by somehiker
Hopefully they agree to publish the photos and maps, concurrent with your own offerings if possible .
If not, credibility remains an issue re: these significant items of evidence IMO, and skepticism will prevail for many, if not most.
Keeping in mind how the "missing originals" of the Stone Crosses and Latin Heart have yielded the same result for those stones as well.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:32 pm
by nobody
Ryan, nice to hear from you again. I'm glad you're posting the story. OLD tried to tell us what she was able too, very helpful. Sorry about the show. No one else would pick up the show? I had my heart on seeing the maps, to bad. I hope that 1 day they will show them, and someone can prove them real. I'll be waiting for more.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:54 pm
by RMG1976
I am sorry folks, I do not have permission to post any of the maps or original photographs. I have spoken with members of the family and they are very opposed to sharing such personal and prized family heirlooms.

If you are coming to this thread in hopes of seeing The Ground Map or The Barn Map, I want to be very upfront in the beginning that its not going to happen.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:54 pm
by 393stroker
Damn it boy; I was so looking forward to seeing it on TV. I wanted to share it with my friends and family, they're not going to take the time to read all this stuff. Well maybe there's hope for the future. You sure put in a valiant effort trying to get to the truth of the matter. I commend you for that Ryan.

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:15 am
by Peligroza

I'm devastated!

All of these years waiting in anticipation, hints of something special provided by you and Old's many posts on Desert USA and Treasure net!

A Treasure Show Special being filmed then dumped for no apparent reason, and now being spoon fed crumbs and leftovers for the last three years of the aftermath!

What changed Discovery Channel's mind?

Cooper's Treasure?

Was it the family or the Vatican that killed the deal?

Or, was it the cleaned out Vault in the Superstitions that brought back memories of Al Capone's empty Chicago Vault's?

I doubt this will satisfy anyone's appetite for any more information than we already know about the stones and Travis including moi...

Please continue and tell us what you can. It may patch up some of the holes in the already leaky "doesn't hold water" legend!

Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:10 am
by cubfan64
A suggestion Ryan - take it for what it's worth...

Just tell your story as best you can and avoid getting into side discussions, answering questions, etc... until you're done. You already know this story is going to receive HEAVY skepticism, in fact you've already implied that yours is a fantastical story so I'm sure you understand where the skepticism will be coming from. On top of that, the Stone Maps are a "religion" to some people and no matter what you say or show it won't change some people's minds.

Choose your battles after the story has been told but for now just tell it and let it the chips fall where they may.

Looking forward to it, and although you've said you won't be putting this into any sort of "book" form, I hope you reconsider at some point as the historical impact may be something that should be recorded.



Re: Here is what happened

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:14 am
by td1

Thanks for all the information.

Now we know Travis was involved in utilizing maps from Arizona I wonder if he Incorporated The Julia Thomas map into his creation of the Stone Maps, since one of the signs on the Julia Thomas Maps plays a significant place on the Trail Maps. Hard to believe her map was a star map.

Also wonder if Travis got his maps from the person who murdered Adolph Ruth or perhaps Travis was some how involved in Ruth`s murder.