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Re: GENERAL DISCUSSION - Anything related to the LDM

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No Brian

Don't go away, keep your mind open to being Questioned
about a lot of stuff, That's the whole idea of it. When no ones has nothing let to debate you will have a story to write. If you sold one your in the door to more.

I don't want your secrets of your quest, or private thoughts but I'd like to here of things you've found.
Silver, Gold, Caves, artifacts, jewels, stone heads, Arrow
heads, markings, smelters, crushers ect.


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Adolph Ruth's directions to the LDM

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After five years of research about the Lost Dutchman Mine, I self-published the book titled: "THE LOST DUTHMEN MINE and PEG LEG PETE MINE" (ISBN: 978-1-4787-9011-2) in 2017. This book was purely my supposition thoughts on the Peralta Stones and the Lost Dutchman Mine in general. Last week, I was sorting some paper in my files an found an article about Adolph Ruth and his relationship to the LDM. This sparked my interest and made a research on line. The research I made led me to web page and the article titled: "ADOLPH RUTH'S DIRECTIONS to the LOST DUTCHMAN MINE" . The following partial quotes were from an article written by P.C. Bicknell that appeared in a San Francisco Chronicle January 13, 1895. The quotes was made by Jacob Waltz, also know as "Old Dutch Yoccup".

" ... ... a monumented trail which led them "northward over aloft ridge; thence downward past Sombrero Butte (Weavers Needle) into a long canyon running north, and finally into tributary canyon very deep and rocky, and densely wood with continuous thicket of scrub oak.' In my research of the LDM, I wrote a suppositional interpretation of the Julia Thomas Map. This interpretation of the Julia Thomas Map indicated that Jacob Waltz had been to Weavers Needle. Therefore, it is assumed this that Jacob Waltz past by Weavers Needle on his first visit to the Lost Dutchman Mine, It further assumed that when entered the oak scrub canyon the trail to the Lost Dutchman Mine had been monumented by the Peralta Party.
NOTE: The forgoing thoughts are suppositional. Sincerely, CRAZY OLD MAN P.S. The following quote is from the forgoing article: "The great clew for which all the search is now being is a rock cabin in a cave, which according to "Old Yoccup's" story, is "directly from the mine and not more than 200 feet from it." In the book "THE LOST DUTCHAN MINE and PEG LEG PETE MINE" this the eaxact description of the LDM in the forgoing book. Sincerely. CRAZY OLD MAN

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