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Re: QUOTE - Robert Cooper

Post by LDMGOLD » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:54 pm


You have been lucky if you haven't had to content with people like Robert St. Marie, Vern Rowlee, and some of the guys that worked for Jake. What about Chuck Lewing that was shot and killed in Jake's Camp in the 1970's? Rereading the article, most of the content about gold crazed prospector was editorialized by the reporter. I read what was in quotes about gold hunters in the Superstition Mountain that was attributed to Cooper. I think we are maybe making a mountain out of an ant hill. Now I do there plenty of good (that wear white hats) guys who love to hunt the LDM and are very serious about it. Again I don't want to argue with you about people who hunt for gold. I have been involved over the years with many dedicated Dutch Hunters some good, some bad. One of old Piper's right hand men was a guy wanted on an outstanding warrant for murder. He was eventually arrested by the FBI in Piper's Camp. He was a believer in the gold of Superstition Mountain and how rich it would make him. Jim, there are plenty of crack pots, but that doesn't mean everyone is a crack pot that searches for the LDM, Peralta gold, or anything else in the mountain. These many individuals make interesting history. Enough said in my opinion. Excuse any typos in this.

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Re: QUOTE - Robert Cooper

Post by Jim Hatt » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:24 pm

As you know Tom,

I have never been one to travel via the main trails. As a result, I do not run into many people out there at all. When I do, I usually have a large dog with me, and most people make a wide swing around us.




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