Ron Quinn's Treasure Site located

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Ron Quinn's Treasure Site located

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Ron Quinn found a huge stash of Jesuit Gold back in 1984 and wrote about it a few years later. Ron and I met and became good friends in 1999. That was when I read his manuscript about the many treasure hunts him and his brother plus friends did from the 1950's forward. He gave me a map once and said it could lead to the location of his finds but it was written with those parts missing. I guess he slipped me one of those maps in the paperwork he handed me and wrote the end on the map on it. I lost the map right after I found it a few years back while cleaning out my garage. Last weekend I rediscovered his map with the end trail he penciled in himself twenty years ago.

After searching for it one thing became clear Ron didn't make it that easy! Ron had told me he believed the hoard of gold he found was just a small part of a huge mule train of treasure. Each mule could carry up to about 300 lbs so his 200lbs would only be one mule. The elusive location has stumped many for years. When I asked his caretaker and best friend about it he had never heard of the map Ron slipped me. The map was not the same as the terrain it claimed to be in. So my job was made harder by the fact it was so crazy. After refreshing my memories of Ron's ways I remembered he had written about another treasure hunter that had used a photo of his and simply reversed the image as if in a mirror. That wasn't the only thing Ron had done to the map. I used what I knew he would do and after many days of trying I finally decoded the map! Using google earth I was able to match up the location with the photo he had put in Treasure Magazine and his books, manuscripts. At this point the match up is 100% which for GE treasure hunting I think it may be a first! I plan to go to that site as soon as the heat lets up and verify the find with photo's of the cross on the rock and the Mayan Numerals above it. The map also gives the location of the treasure filled tunnel his group found near by. So let the adventure begin!

His metal detector at the time was ancient technology compared to a Minelab GPX 4500 or an EZRES. I believe like Ron that the site contains a huge amount of gold bars and it's secrets are still intact. I'll post more photo's as time goes on.


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