The Lost Adams Diggings

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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by ellaroot » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:29 pm

New member just joined today, 3/9. I've been observing this blog for a while now. Just wanted to introduce myself. I will continue to monitor until I have something valuable to add.


Mackenna's Gold and Julie Newmar got me started on the chase.

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alan m
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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by alan m » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:51 pm

Hello Roy
Great post, if I wasn't already obsessed by the Dutchman, I'd be going after this one.
The LDM beats it only in familiarity, however the Lost Adams Diggings has a lot more to sink your teeth into.
My mother lives in Arizona and mentioned to me last month that there was an article about someone claiming to have located the Adams site. Yea I know ,who hasn't made that claim. :lol:
It is believed to be located on the Indian reservation, I think, so don't quote me.
Best Regards

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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by alfonzo » Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:10 am

I just found this book, "Black Range Tales", by James A. McKenna, was first published in 1936 as a Rio Grande Classic. Mine is a 1965 reprint. Almost finished reading it, one chapter is about the "Lost Canyon Diggings" and it sounds like the Lost Adam's, zigzag trail and all... mentions the area is all jumbled up like an earthquake rearranged the landscape.... it was his only book written by a Sister in a sanatorium who helped him with it as he was sick.... ... arch+Books

alan S.

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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by filemaker01 » Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:49 am

Has anyone seen or heard from Ron Jensen who wrote the article I found the area of the LAD, there's no dispute it is the actual location. Ron Jensen or someone soon after Ron found the gold under the fireplace of where the cabin was and then filed over 300 mining claims in and around the entire area, then for no reason at all, the claims were allowed to expire. Much of the area was graded for a new dirt graded road going through the area, only a small portion of the Secret Door is left and Shaking rock is very obvious to see it laying on it's side after falling from a huge earthquake that hit the area just as described by MacKenna who wrote the book. I'm really nervous about telling the public where the actual location is. The area does also have a large abundance of evidence that it was in fact an ancient Cheif burial ground with what appear to be many earthworks made over a long period of time. The small canyon is on BLM land, and whoever is there is protecting the area, but it seems Ron Jensen vanished after making the website he obviously paid for ten years for the domain name and hosting plan, but why? He mentions there were those who betrayed him, so then where's Jensen? I nor others I've communicated with, can find him anywhere? Did he meet with his fate after finding the gold maybe there were others already there digging for years and didn't want Jensen or anyone else digging on their private claim not filed?? It seems there is a much bigger mystery here besides a lot of ancient history and artifacts that were or may still be there if it was a burial grounds. The words, Sno Tah Hay mean Cheif's buried under this place.

Jim Hatt

Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by Jim Hatt » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:35 am

Hello Filemaker, and welcome to the DUSA forums!

Very interesting post to say the least! I can't help you at all, but look forward to this discussion "taking off" and bringing a lot of interesting replies.



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silent hunter
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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by silent hunter » Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:32 am

Filemaker01 I can shed some lite on the subject. If you have been to the canyon then you could verify a couple things to me and then I would talk to you about what's up at the spot. There are a few people that has some info but not enoff to locate the spot. I am the original finder of the spot. The area has been purchased back by the indians,but as you said the canyon is under control of BLM and only a two people have permision to go into the canyon. It is a sacred barial area. The BLM closed the canyon to all because the walls are caving in and killed a person digging in the canyon. Do not tell no one where the canyon is!! People will destroy it.

Best Kurt P

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Re: The Lost Adams Diggings

Post by cubfan64 » Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:04 pm

Filemaker - I recall reading some of your posts over on TreasureNet in the last year or so and found the discussions interesting. I really know almost nothing about the Lost Adams Diggings, but it's still fun to read about.

If you and SilentHunter can proceed without giving away too many details, I'm sure at least a few of us will enjoy reading what you're able to say about it.

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