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Victorio Peak Story "The Gold House" Book 1 Review

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:10 am
by gollum
FINALLY finished "The Gold House Trilogy" Book 1 "The Discovery"

I am friendly with some of the people involved with the hunt for the truth behind the treasure at Victorio Peak (one of them since 1954). Because of those friends, I was given advance copies of the new books to read and review.

I will give a very brief review of the book here, but will give a more in depth one at my web site in a day or so.

I stated on another site that from what I have heard, these books should be a knockout. Well, I can honestly say that #1 is a "KNOCKOUT!"

For anybody not familiar with the Doc Noss/Victorio Peak Story, this book may be a bit too detail oriented. A lot of names, backgrounds, and day to day camp narratives. For ANYBODY that is interested in Victorio Peak or has read other VP Stories this book is ABSOLUTELY what everybody has been waiting for. Some time ago, I put it to Alex Alonso, that everybody who has read the standards on VP (100 Tons of Gold, Treasure at Victoria Peak, Whittle Article, etc) already knows all the main facts surrounding the story. What could these books add?

Let me answer my own question:

Darn near everything! I thought that I had a pretty firm grasp on the true story of VP and the people involved in the story. I must admit with some chagrin THAT I WAS WRONG! John Clarence (author) has spent several years researching everything to do with this story. He has been granted insider status from the Holy of Holies; the Noss Family. He has scoured the archives of the New Mexico State Police and many other governmental entities. He obtained information (documentary information) from a CIA Operative that never should have seen the light of day (that is a story in itself).

I don't want to just gloss over the Noss Family input in this. Clarence was given the freedom to use A LOT of privileged family information that has never before been released. Pictures, documents, sworn affidavits, video interviews, etc, etc, etc. The staggering amount of evidences referenced in this book makes it an ABSOLUTE "MUST HAVE" for anybody interested in the subject of treasure hunting, government conspiracies, and history in general. This is not "another" book on Victorio Peak and the Noss Family, it is THE book to have. I can't wait to dig into Book# 2.

One thing I do particularly like is that the author went into a lot of detail and spent a lot of time on Milton Ernest "Doc" Noss himself. The good, the bad, and the ugly, so to speak. He openly writes about Doc's propensity for drinking and fighting, as well as the MUCH less well known humorous side to Doc's personality. While it is a lot to take in, it is what everybody wants to know about a man that claimed to have found one of the great treasures of the world. Even to his murder. YES; I said "murder." Read the book and you will understand.

The negatives:

1. The print is pretty small. I understand that this was necessary to keep Book# 1 to about 400 pages. Folks without perfect vision will have to break out the reading glasses. LOL

2. Pictures are small and look kind of washed out. Many of them warranted their own pages and much more resolution. I understand again the length of the book was a concern and possibly the extra cost of adding glossy picture pages. Hopefully, John Clarence will add a photo album book as a supplement to the trilogy.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have. I will not give away information that is proprietary to the book, sorry.

Let me also say that I have absolutely ZERO monetary stake in the success or failure of this book. Because I was friendly with one of the main contributors of the trilogy, I was offered the opportunity to get advance copies of the books to read and review. Being a treasure hunter myself, how could I say NO?

For those that think there was no gold at Victorio Peak, here is a very short excerpt from a 1-1/2 hour interview with the cowboy Tony Jolley that helped Doc rebury 110 bars the night before he was murdered.


Re: Victorio Peak Story "The Gold House" Book 1 Review

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:53 am
by cubfan64

While I only know the cursory story of Victorio Peak by reading treasure magazines (I only have so much time on my hands - hehe), I've been watching for updates to the upcoming book.

I know as a "treasure hunter" in spirit, it's going to be a blast to read it - especially since I've gotten to know enough about you to believe you when you say it's a great book and story.

Sounds like an excellent read and looking forward to getting a copy.

Thanks for the update

Re: Victorio Peak Story "The Gold House" Book 1 Review

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:19 pm
by gollum
The thing about this book is that it is very different from all the others. the others sell the sizzle not the steak. They make for great reading, but are lacking in referenced material. This book goes into great detail about everything to do with the story, and it is only the first in the trilogy.

Book two deals with all the different thefts of the Noss Family's Treasure from Victorio Peak since it was annexed into the White Sands Missile Range. The largest in 1963 and 1973. A US Army Capt of Military Police that witnessed the theft stated that he personally saw about 93 MILLION TROY OUNCES of gold removed from the peak, put in dump trucks and hauled away. He said that after the theft, the military sealed up the caves. The military called him a liar, but he had an ace in the hole; he had sooted his name on one of the cave walls with a carbide lamp. When Operation Gold Finder got access to the caves in the 1990s, they found Capt. Orby Swanner's name sooted onto a cave wall.


In 1958, two Air force Officers (Fiege and Berlette) found a lower entrance to the caves (before the theft) and witnessed piles of gold bars. They reported the find to their superiors. Not believing them, Fiege and Berlette were subjected to Polygraph Examinations. They both passed with flying colors. Those polygraph results are posted below.

The whole story is almost beyond belief. I have been very fortunate to have gotten to know some of the people directly involved with this story for many years