Ladder Canyon in the Mecca Hills Wilderness

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Re: Ladder Canyon in the Mecca Hills Wilderness

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Re: Ladder Canyon in the Mecca Hills Wilderness

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Mecca Hills/Painted Canyon; what a cool place! My wife and I have been going there since 1976. Back then you could drive as far as possible up the canyon. Camping anywhere along the road was perfectly legal. Not many other people out there back then. We once had a "peyote ritual" out there; inspired by the writings of Carlos Castaneda specifically the book "The Teachings of Don Juan". Good reading and a most unforgettable evening as we had to "capture the spirit". Don't get me wrong, we ARE NOT DRUGGIES! Moving right along---You can no longer drive in as far we used to---there will be a parking area so you may hike into the canyon, including Ladder Canyon. There was a period of time when Riverside County contemplated grading Painted Canyon Road or just letting it go to hell. In the meantime the area was changed to a wilderness standard and that is what we have today. I have a partial copy of an LA Times newspaper found buried in sandstone. Fancy cars back then were advertised for less than 2,000 bucks! Do any of you old-timers that have been there back then remember the giant wooden cross on top of one of the hills out there? It still remains a mystery to me. Mike C Brea Ca

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