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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:35 am
by Space Cowboy
I've posted a rough article on the Frank Fox Killing at my vanity site at ... 9&id=68705

The problem with it is, its 4700 words long. It's very much a rough draft, but I've researched up items that I've never seen in other articles before. I'd appreciate anyone reading it, and maybe, if anyone might know a descendant of H.B. Crouch, or John Slankard, Sheriff Gray, or any of the principles in this incident that might have family lore or know of written accounts of this incident, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Space Cowboy

The URL I can get from the vanity site is defaulting to the most recent article I posted, which is an argument for William 'Kid' Thompson and Billy Fox being the same person. If you look at the top of the article, you'll see 'The Killing of Frank Fox'. 'The Case for William 'Kid' Thompson being Billy Fox' doesn't make much sense without reading 'Frank Fox' first. I apologize for the hassle.