Big Windstorm Right Now In 29 Palms

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Re: Big Windstorm Right Now In 29 Palms

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Goldseeker wrote:
Stanley wrote:It is blowing here in 29 right now at least 50-60+ MPH. Gusts over that.

no kidding. i hope i dont lose any more shingles off the garage, i just fixed them last week. its definitely more windy lately, whats up?
I showed-up for work tonight at 6 PM and it was snowing it a little. As we began work it started snowing real hard, and the visibility was not very good. That's not a very comfortable feeling when you're driving a 150 ton truck above a pit that's 900 feet above the floor and only a 4' berm between you and the edge. As we worked the snow got worse and the visibility became about 40'. They shut us down and sent us home at 10 PM. The positive note to all of this is that It's our Friday and we're off for the next (3) days. It's the worst storm so far this winter.

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Re: Big Windstorm Right Now In 29 Palms

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And right now, April 15th, at 1pm, its extremely windy again, and has been for several hours. Feels like 60-70 mph gusts, easily. Trash cans all over the street, I saw a bird trying to fly, it looked drunk! This is the third time in a little over 2 weeks, and this current wind started yesterday around 5pm, let up for a while, and is back with a vengence. I wonder if its because its April 15th, maybe natures tea party :lol: :lol: :lol:

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