Do all rattlers have to be coiled before srtiking?

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Re: Do all rattlers have to be coiled before srtiking?

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Putting the lid on is not that bad so long as you have tongs securing the upper portion of the animal in the bottom of the bucket. Put the lid over top, release the tong action and pull it out, quickly spin the lid into place.
I have taught many miners how to do this and I have even "green carded" them (official training document)...And you are correct that training is preferable; if you don't have the confidence that training brings, then the whole operation will take longer than necessary, and the whole idea is to secure the animal quickly.
However, you and your cohorts are really exaggerating like a couple of old women...You think nothing of getting into your car and driving into danger, and you do so despite the fact that thousands of people are killed daily around the world, doing just that.

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Re: Do all rattlers have to be coiled before srtiking?

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Jerry Feldner wrote:One study by Erika Nowak, PhD, was done at Montezuma Castle, AZ, and the study animals were Western Diamondbacks and Blacktail Rattlers. Another study was done at a park in NC. I have both but I'll have to do some digging and I'll post them asap.

thanks, I picked up a book with one of her papers last week. ( C. atrox at Tuzigoot Nat Mon)

Have you seen Reed and Douglas's paper on CV abyssus along the Little Colorado? A very small range, constrained by the river in front and the cliffs behind. 2002 I think. I can find it if you are interested.


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