Desert Tortoises

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Re: Desert Tortoises

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mlv you could be right about the river being a barrier. I'm not sure if the DT's swin or not.

Jerry Feldner: What did they do with the turtles they collected on your hunt in the Salt River?


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Re: Desert Tortoises

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Read This On National Geographic:
Millions of U.S. Turtles Consumed in China Annually
The Chinese eat turtles—especially softshell and snapper species—and use the animals' parts in traditional medicines that are said to boost everything from the immune system to sexual prowess.

But conservationists worry that this high demand will cause some U.S. freshwater turtle species to be eaten to extinction.

That's why the U.S. state of Florida just passed a tough new law that effectively ends commercial wild-turtle harvests. (See a Florida map.)
More Can Be Read Here: ... china.html

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Re: Desert Tortoises

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That's interesting that you should post that Iggy. When my wife and I used to live in California outside of Victorville I remember a big deal in the paper about the orientals getting arrested for catching turtles out in desert for consumption. I can't recall any other details than that.

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