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Re: "Off Road Vehicle - Use On Public Lands"

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Well it appears that the following just about covers the problems associated with "certain types" of off highway vehicles and a number of those who use them. Now if there was the manpower available to enforce the laws and get the point across the majority of the problems would be solved, hopefully without closing more areas. Unfortunately with limited budgets there just isn't.

(f) No person shall operate an offroad
vehicle on public lands:
(1) In a reckless, careless, or negligent
(2) In excess of established speed limits;
(3) While under the influence of alcohol,
narcotics, or dangerous drugs;
(4) In a manner causing, or likely to
cause significant, undue damage to or
disturbance of the soil, wildlife, wildlife
habitat, improvements, cultural, or
vegetative resources or other authorized
uses of the public lands; and
(5) During night hours, from a halfhour
after sunset to a half-hour before
sunrise, without lighted headlights and
(g) Drivers of off-road vehicles shall
yield the right-of-way to pedestrians,
saddle horses, pack trains, and animaldrawn
(h) Any person who operates an offroad
vehicle on public lands must comply
with the regulations in this part,
and in § 8341.2 as applicable, while operating
such vehicle on public lands.
[44 FR 34836, June 15, 1979, as amended at 45
FR 47843, July 17, 1980]
§ 8341.2 Special rules.
(a) Notwithstanding the consultation
provisions in § 8342.2(a), where the authorized
officer determines that offroad
vehicles are causing or will cause
considerable adverse effects upon soil,
vegetation, wildlife, wildlife habitat,
cultural resources, historical resources,
threatened or endangered species,
wilderness suitability, other authorized
uses, or other resources, the
authorized officer shall immediately
close the areas affected to the type(s)
of vehicle causing the adverse effect
until the adverse effects are eliminated
and measures implemented to prevent
recurrence. Such closures will not prevent
designation in accordance with
procedures in subpart 8342 of this part,
but these lands shall not be opened to
the type(s) of off-road vehicle to which
it was closed unless the authorized officer
determines that the adverse effects
have been eliminated and measures implemented
to prevent recurrence.
(b) Each State director is authorized
to close portions of the public lands to
use by off-road vehicles, except those
areas or trails which are suitable and
specifically designated as open to such
use pursuant to subpart 8342 of this

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Re: "Off Road Vehicle - Use On Public Lands"

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Enforce the law. Cite and fine those who break the law. Please do not make all OHV owners outlaws by making all public lands off limits.


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