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Re: Friends of Nevada

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I can assure you that there's no shortage of places to ride OHV's in the area of Nevada that I live, (and beyond), NO SHORTAGES.

Sigh...Must it always come back to discussions about OHV's when there's so many other important environmental issues regarding the desert?

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Re: Friends of Nevada

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In rural Nevada, the water grab is a big issue. Cattle ranching is not only financially challenging, it is physically demanding as well. It's a 24/7/365 business in an area where temperatures plummet below zero in the winter and surge into the triple digits in the summer. As the old generations pass on, the younger heirs in these families are tempted by lucurative financial offers for their ranches which include the water rights. From my understanding, the water rights in the Spring Valley south of Ely have been pretty much been bought out and the Snake Valley along the Utah/Nevada line is now in the crosshairs.

Perhaps PITD could fill us in on what the local scoop is when he has a little time.

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Re: Friends of Nevada

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sandman, I responded to your post about the monument, period. And yes Nevada is a wonderfull sate (for now) to ride responsibly a OHV. However, and lets be frank, friends of nevada wilderness are not exactly supporting mechinized use of public lands. I suggest to everyone to go out and ride while you can.

And yes, there are really major issues beyond OHV riding taking place in Navada and for that matter in most states. I freely admit I am a voice for ballanced and fair access and use of public lands for and by the public. Thats all.

Also you must realise the simple fact that groups like friends of nevada wilderness are not interested in achiving a fair and ballanced use of public lands. They and groups like them have one sole goal in mind. That goal is simple and all encompasing. Creation of wilderness. Period. They are not at all interested in OHV access, mining use, or anything that is not compatable with wilderness.


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