Friends of Jawbone Canyon educational video

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Re: Friends of Jawbone Canyon educational video

Post by MMM » Thu May 27, 2010 5:11 pm

Actually sandman my question is not off topic as it is this group who is doing the legal action you mentioned and are the ones who are seeking the ban on non-street legal OHVs in your area.


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Re: Friends of Jawbone Canyon educational video

Post by Mrs.Oroblanco » Fri May 28, 2010 12:15 am

Talk about coincidences - I was just watching a 4 wheeler commercial about "we don't make our (whatever brand) to go for a slow country drive - it has power for - etc., etc.,

It came on just before I started reading this. You are right - people buy 4 wheelers now - as big as they can get, and as powerful as possible. In fact, most ranchers here have the biggest 4 wheelers you can find - but, they aren't using them to recreate - they are using them to round up cattle, etc. So, it does start from the top down - just like we did when we were young and bought the "muscle cars" - we didn't buy them to take a sunday drive, we bought them to haul butt, wherever we could. The only difference with 4 wheelers, is that we are older now, and now drive a "safe" vehicle or a 4 wheel drive - I wonder why we buy 4 wheel drives? For off-road traction, I would guess.

People do have to learn about what the consequences are - but, it is not fair, nor will it ever be fair, to limit WHO can use the public resources.

Like I said - there are some states - including this one - that does not see a 4 wheeler as an off road vehicle. It is titled, registered and insured. And allowed anywhere except the major highways, and the only reason they aren't allowed on the interstates here, is because they cannot maintain minimum speed limits - so, taking away off-road vehicles would still allow it in this state. (and several others). The same holds true with some motorcycles/bikes. (the main reason for making 4 wheelers legal in many western states, is because there are miles and miles of ranchland, and they have to go from ranchland to ranchland. (of course, the legal driving age is 14, too) :shock:

Beth (Mrs.O)

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