Whetstone nuggets Pima Co AZ

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Whetstone nuggets Pima Co AZ

Post by froggy »

The Tucson Weekly Citizen of July 11, 1874, notes:
“Charles O. Brown has this week been out in the Whetstone mountains looking for the somewhat noted Whetstone mine, known to have been extensively worked many years ago, but did not find it. He found a canyon with a number of springs which form quite a stream, and plenty of ash and walnut shrubbery and wild grapes; also several stone houses, the largest of which was about fifteen feet square. It is not exactly clear whether the houses were built for miners or mescal makers, but there being very little mescal in the neighborhood it is believed they were for miners.”

Charles O. Brown was a Tucson saloon owner and a drinking buddy of Thomas Jeffords. Hope someone finds this useful.

Jim Hatt

Re: Whetstone nuggets Pima Co AZ

Post by Jim Hatt »

Hello froggy and welcome to the DUSA Forums!

Have you done any research into the "Whetstone Mine"?
Take a look at the whetstone in the photos at:

http://www.desertusa.com/mb3/viewtopic. ... 715#p14715

Those photos were not taken in Pima County, But who knows how the story might have changed over the years?


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Re: Whetstone nuggets Pima Co AZ

Post by oroblanco »

HOLA amigos and WELCOME TO DUSA Froggy! :D

Thank you for posting this story - unless I have the wrong area, we are talking about the area known as the Whetstone District, which overlaps Pima county and into Cochise county correct? There are several known mines in this district, which could easily confuse someone searching for the mine named Whetstone and these mines produced gold, silver and lead (hardrock mining) so it is possible that one of these mines could be the one we are talking about. Sometimes prospectors find old mines and don't know the history of them, so give them new names and we are left with a mystery. Now if this Whetstone mine were a placer gold mine, then it is pretty sure that none of the known mines was it for all I know of there are hardrock (lode) type mines.

Can you give any other information on this mine? Perhaps I can find something that might be helpful to someone looking for it. Thank you in advance.

Good luck and good hunting amigos, I hope you find the treasures that you seek.

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