Getler and Brewer Books

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Re: Getler and Brewer Books

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RockyFrisco wrote:It's yours. It's not a quote from anywhere, just my own experience. :)
:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh, man Rocky that statement caused even more mental imagery!

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Re: Getler and Brewer Books

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RockyFrisco wrote:Having really enjoyed reading The Shadow of the Sentinel by Getler and Brewer, I ordered Rebel Gold by the same authors. Imagine my dismay at discovering that the two books are identical, except for the titles. Word for word, the same book, the same pages, chapters, everything. There is no new material. I'm not sure whether to feel stupid or cheated. :oops:
WoW.....I bought Rebel Gold off used book site for $4.00
I did buy the DVD of "Jesse James was one of his Names". Burned a copy and sold the DVD for what I paid for it.
Reading B.B. Book"Rebel Gold", I got some interesting info that help me decipher some of my maps(JJ era).
Those tips led me to locations! Now just got to search out areas. That book has some miss information TH'er is going to reveal all.

As far as that JJ Book is concerned.....hard to believe one man could have had so much to do we so many
great people! My belief is Dalton was a member who had access to several sites of buried treasure and went by memory in recreating maps and such. I doubt he was the real deal though. Otherwise, he would have dug up several easy caches in Okla. Frank James got most of the easy $$ but not all of it.

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