Missing hiker in Mt. Peeley - Sheep Mtn area.

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Missing hiker in Mt. Peeley - Sheep Mtn area.

Post by GeorgeW »

An avid hiker I only know as gpsjoe is missing. His vehicle was parked at the Mt. Peeley trailhead.
http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2010/ ... ing-hiker/

Below are the words of his longtime hiking partner, Gabriele, posted on 11/16.

Hi all;
Most of you know my long time hiking buddy GPSJOE. After not hearing from Joe for over one week and also confirming with hiking buddy Hank (grasshopper) we both became concerned enough for me to drive to Joe's place and see if he was home. It's very unusual for Joe's presence not be seen in the hiking world through his post's and beautiful photo's.

Finding a three day delivery package sitting by the front door gave added suspicion. My husband tracked that the package was delivered on the 9th of Nov and the last email from Joe to us was on the 7th. I know Joe would always make sure when he ordered a new toy that he was home to receive and play with it.

The long and the short we contacted the Sheriff's Dept. and emailed them a track file to the location we suspected Joe went to explore. Last night around midnight the Sheriff called me to tell me they found his SUV at that TH and this morning as I'm typing S&R is out looking for Joe. Please keep him in your prayers and pray for a miracle.

Jim Hatt

Re: Missing hiker in Mt. Peeley - Sheep Mtn area.

Post by Jim Hatt »

I saw that on the local evening news last night George and tried to Google up some additional details, but couldn't find a thing. I'm glad somebody is more on-the-ball than I am. :?

Like Gabriele... We will be praying for a miracle.



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