82 Pounds of Gold Bars Found in Arizona

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82 Pounds of Gold Bars Found in Arizona

Post by gollum »

I finally got around to putting together the story of the time when my friend from Tucson along with three partners found a large cache of Gold Bars.

Based on the markings on the bars and the style of cross engraved into a rock at the site (cross over a heart) I believe the cache is of Jesuit origin..


Here is a link to the whole story on my website:


Hope y'all enjoy it.

Jim Hatt

Re: 82 Pounds of Gold Bars Found in Arizona

Post by Jim Hatt »

Great story Mike!

Thanks for sharing it. There is a place just a little North of Tucson and West of I-10 called "Jesuit Hill" on most topo maps. I read somewhere that a lot of Jesuit artifacts (and old mines that are believed to have been Jesuit workings) have been found near Jesuit Hill. If I remember correctly, there is even a local museum that has some of the things found in that area.

If I can find the story I will post a follow-up with more details.


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