Garden Valley desecration

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Garden Valley desecration

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A short while ago I took a hike with Jack Carlson, Dick Walp, Greg Davis, Roger Newkirk and an old dutch hunter friend out through Garden Valley and beyond. While in Garden Valley I took some time to look around at the burial mounds which are hidden back in the mesquite and brush. I found one mound recently dug into and robbed. It was completely hidden from the trails going through the Valley by the mesquite, catclaw and brush. The digging was fairly recent, probably this spring sometime, an area about eight foot in diameter was dug up and in the center a squared out hole about a foot to two foot deep had been partially filled back in with dirt and sticks piled on top of the hole. Broken pieces of what came out of the hole could be seen scattered around. All tracks were washed out by rain and wind so was impossible to tell if it was a lone individual or a group. Sad to see people are still raiding these valuable and historic sites.

Matthew K. Roberts

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