the guadalupe jesuit mine is located in the peralta stones

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the guadalupe jesuit mine is located in the peralta stones

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There are so many contradicting the guadalupe treasure and the peralta stones. The main mine with the darkened circle is the virgen de guadalupe.the priest holding the cross is the santa maria mine.
The two mounds are whats left of the two peaks.the markings on the stones are real. In both the molina document and peralta stones ignore the distances.ignore the trail of holes and ignore the varas in the molina document they were put there to throw you off.the entrance is next to a flat bolder.a shadow line crosses the bolder and a circle mine symbol appears.appears to mark the surroundings is the dagger.notice how there is a loop from the middle of the dagger and it touches a black circle. Its the same large black circle next to the mine symbol.your starting point is a reverse letter D, which is both on a stone wall and on the map.
The purisma conception is around 1000the yards from the guadalupe mine.the markings are related to the metal door in the entrance, buryed. A priest is laying on his side with one arm up and there is a skeleton key to it is the shadow of a keyhole. You put a streight line through the key then the keyhole and look for the mine symbol.
There are many more mines with religious symbols the eye of a saint carved in stone, the mine of san xavior marked with a white dove, a statue of a bishop standing and one of the virgin mary.there is a gigantic stone with the head of jesus.his head is tilted down, eyes closed and you can see the crown of thornes on his head.
You must always have faith and follow your dreams.oh I forgot to tell yous to look at the bottom of the stone cross. You will see the enterence markings of the guadalupe.
The latin hearts are nearby but I have the map to it.the squares are markings to locate the cavern.if you want to know whats in the cavern the other heart has a quantity of over 19000.
I was tired of people making fun of treasurehunters took twenty years and the hardest to learn is to look at a mountan while sitting in different locations.if you walk and look you'll walk right past markings.and your golden rule is taking distant pictures from all angles and studying them.
I'm old and sick but I taught my son everything I know, yet I'm not too old to be there for the excitement. Good luck to all of yous.[youtube][/youtube]
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Re: the guadalupe jesuit mine is located in the peralta stones

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I taught my son everything I know and he still doesn't know anything.
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