Do You Think This Would Work?

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Re: Do You Think This Would Work?

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Pharo wrote: I did pick up on that but how does this reduce CO2? Is he saying it will indirectly? The more I read about it the more it starts to look like a dog and pony show. His writing style also kind of reminds me of a used car salesman I once knew. I could be wrong but I don't think I would invest any of my money in this. It just doesn't seem like a good investment to me. And that is what his web site seems to be after.
Later, PBiZ
I don't see how it would reduce CO2, but it wouldn't generate any.
I'd have to see it in operation to have any confidence in it.

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Re: Do You Think This Would Work?

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For everyone's info --- on Monday I stopped in at the Mohawk Water & Power's office and had a long talk with Gary Langsford (manager of operations). He gave me all the info he had about the project:

The project is privately owned and operated by 2 fellows -- one an engineer and one a geologist.
The land is being loaned to them by the water co-op.
They cleaned up a landfill to make the 60 acre pond, a benefit for the co-op.
They have an estimated 2 million tied up in the project (not the co-op).
They are trying to get more money to add another well a little farther East of the site that reportedly will have more saline in it.
The wells are 60 ft. deep in a below ground gravel bed with an aquifer.
The current well constantly pumps water into the pond to keep it at it's current level. It's a big 8 inch pipe that feed it.
They don't expect any kind of output for at least 2 years or maybe 3.
They tried to get government backing but were turned down.
With the 60 acre pond they will get 1 megawatt/hr of power.
At the present time 1 megawatt/hr of power is worth between $35 & $40 and hour.
This whole project is considered an experiment!

My personal opinion is that it is not even close to being cost effective at this time. Maybe things will change but I wouldn't put any money into it. That's all the info we could get from Gary and in fact that's all Gary knows. He's a really nice guy and I'm sure he was being honest about it.

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Re: Do You Think This Would Work?

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Found this 9year old thread by random chance.
I know this project, and can fill in some of the blanks.
The Project was initiated by Richard McKay and Roger Sprenkle, who came up with the idea working on geothermal power projects in the Salton Sea.

The theory being proven is that a Brine lake forms an thermocline layer trapping super heated water below surface.
a expanding screw style pump can be turned by the pressure difference from the hot brine temperature and ambient temperature.
the intended result is water vapor and a spinning pump. water vapor is collected in to distilled water, and the pump can generate electricity.

Most of the delays have been a result of the "pond" losing water through the substrate at the bottom, that and the testing is being conducted linearly.
beginning steps to the end steps.
The PhD heading the project recently died before proof of concept entered anything resembling completion phase.
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