Who altered the Stone maps?

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Re: Who altered the Stone maps?

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This subject seems to always be debated.Many give their opinions, but most follow others beliefs that have searched through the years. Thats because that person is famous and thats ok.But anger should not enter the conversation.conversation. Most people are theorizing and and there are many that stay searching for the proof.My advise is if you can't find at least three markings or more don't stay in one spot.The markings are real but I have to tell you that they are very difficult to find unless you have good patience and your able to look for the beginning of the trail. Then if its not visible get a new plan i of thought untill you get that gut feeling that your right and you find true peralta markings. Right now its 2the am and a guest and I are the only ones on this net.ON this subject you have to commit yourself to the pursuit. Or you won't find it.
So think to yourself, if so many have looked for it wouldn't you think the stones haven't been tampered with, that some that have searched were professionals and never gave up.up.
Good luck
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