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temporal coadjuters are the key to hidden jesuit treasures

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:35 am
by thehunter
Thanks to gollums writings, which are interesting and accurate, it was the missing link.the Jesuits always had problems with the pope and this day they debate the church with socialistic views.they were very intelligent and any of value was for the church and their lives we're poor and simple.
Since the coadjutors could be the ones that helped supervise all operations of the mines.what puzzles me are the following:
1- I estimated at least 50 mines.where did they get all the mine workers? Were they captured enemy indians?were they recruited from other mission men?
2- I read somewhere that they took 10 years to prepare the mines for immediate evacuation and that all signs of any mines or mining would never be seen.I you found this to be true.everywhere I looked there was a natural look to the terrains.
3- the molina document is almost accurate, the distances are completely wrong, which simply tells me that somewhere down the line someone changed it so they could follow the original to find them himself.the other writings are accurate.the only problem is you have to look for each ones marking.for example the Guadalupe marking shows a priest laying on his side with one arm up in the his hand is a skeleton. To the left of the hand is a key hole.a streight line going through the key then the keyhole and continued up a hill to a circle which is the mine.why a key? Remember a copper door was forgged, dragged up the santa rita mountains to put in the entry of the mine.
4-how could they keep the locations of these mines hidden from all man when there were so many workers.even the ones that made the markings and the ones that sealed them but there was complete silence and only the stones and on the other area of church mines the molina document was left for one group of mines.the stone maps were left for another group of mines.
5- on the area where the stone maps are, I found one huge marking of a womans face. It is etched out in rock and the entrance has a shadow marking pf a spanish galleon pointing at the tunnel entrence.the ship has masts and a cross on top of the front mast.the bow or front tip of the ship is curved and acts as a pointer.
6- the problem with all the maps and documents is that it doesn't tell you the starting point to the location of the stone maps.or the location of starting on the molina treasure locations.
I have an illness, please forgive my grammer.thank you mike for the interesting history.