Finding the Peralta Treasures

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Re: Finding the Peralta Treasures

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Robert's discoveries definitely deserve further exploration and study, in my opinion.

For the voids, would it be legal to simply probe the ground with a long T-shaped piece of rebar? I've seen videos of people locating old covered mine shafts that way. Seems like a pretty simple way to verify the OKC Rover UC's readings without digging a big hole in protected desert wilderness.
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Re: Finding the Peralta Treasures

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I would like to thank DesertUSA for publishing the article "The Burbridge Map and other I used to write the book I self-published titled: THE LOST DUTCHMEN MINE and PEG LEG PETE" In the forgoing book I wrote an interpretation of the Burbridge Map. According to this interpretation the symbol "N" for north is correct. The most important item I found in the article was definition of the "Marzo" (Spanish for March). The word though that Sierra Rocha (Rocha means cleared land0 was cleared by fire by the Peralta Expedition in the early spring. I believed was clearing the land at this time for their return in the fall to establish a permanent community there. However this is just the thought of A CRAZY OLD MAM. The group of symbols with circles attached by lines is similar to this writer's interpretation of the "JULIA THOMAS MAP" in "THE LOST DUTCHMEN MINE and PEG LEG PETE MINE". CRAZY OLD MAN
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Re: Finding the Peralta Treasures

Post by Long Ranger »

Robert_K wrote: Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:11 pm Thank you for your feedback.

I agree that nothing is settled until such time as material is excavated and analyzed. That's why getting it done is my highest priority and why I published; because I agree. What I have is a hypothesis. That said it must be stated in an absolute way and went public to 'dare' someone to prove me wrong. Its the only way to do science. Take a position if you believe your right, and let folks take swings at it. Alas we no longer have the true Latin Heart, only copies.
In my opinion the only satisfactory evidence will come by site excavation. My efforts are made to prove it would be worthwhile.

The Rover UC OKM is the military grade unit supplied around the world for the detection of plastic mines not detectable using standard metal detectors. Its used by professional archeologists to map extremely large settlements, especially in Egypt. You can image machinery through a house wall, trace wiring etc. Its more or less like an X-Ray machine.

That said I wanted to insure operator error and or damage had not degraded my units performance. As a Raytheon missile systems engineer of 24 years experience I have a long history of taking assets into the field to test them, calibrate them and assess the assets performance.

When I did scans I followed exact instructions by the devices engineer Frank Casser of OKM. He analyzed the data of the calibration location that had confirmed gold bullion at a depth of 14 to 9 feet depth. Frank confirmed the calibration site contained 'anomolies' consistent with bullion and nonferrous material, exactly the size and depths I measured. Also the exact dimensions given by the eyewitness having me do the blind test.

After that when at the Latin Heart site I calibrated exactly over an individual bar. I dug a latrine above to a depth of 2 feet. I remeasured the bar. It was exactly the same and two feet closer. I passed this data to Frank as well. He confirmed the calibration at the Latin Heart site was excellent.

I do not know how to convince someone without the background to appreciate the use of sophisticated imaging RF technology. You can either accept my experience, 3 degrees, patents and career history as an indication of the quality of my expert opinion for yourself.

What I recommend is that someone buy one and try it for themselves. Then go to the site and determine what they see for themselves. My opinion is merely the basis for that recommendation.

If some key people were to join together and get a unit, do that, and render an opinion we'd have more than one lonely voice in the dark. That's what the scientific method is about.

Until excavation brings material in light I entirely agree with any suspicion you may raise. But realize I published because I performed a professional caliber of work with the top of the line tool I could legally obtain and afford.

Do you think I have enough evidence to warrant having a professional excavation for the analysis of whats buried ? If yes, then I've achieved my goal and would hope you'd join me in voicing that request to politicians. I think that is the only way you'll get sufficient answers to the points raised.

With that I now switch to the mode of answering specific questions.

I wish you huge success in your ventures. Especially in raising the issues you raise.

Can't wait to test my Megatraun on the sites that you and Lynda have discovered, and marked. Only want to see what my Instrument will do on a real target. It doesn't show an image, like the Rover--but, I can set the frequency for whatever element that I'm searching for, with full discrimination. It works on Resonation, as opposed to Reflection. It doesn't look like a metal detector at all--and, is much more simple to operate than the Rover. So it should not attract too much attention.
I promise not to disturb a stone. Just want to take metered readings--log their values, with their GPS locations. Since I will only be resonating gold, nothing else will register on the meter. I could run silver, or iron frequencies, if that ever becomes necessary. But, for the time being, I think I have sufficient to do, just with the gold.
I am quite certain, that I could prove to any skeptic, of the presence of gold, if in fact there truly is gold present, in you and Lynda's Locations. I could bury a copper, silver, and gold bar, ten feet apart, off the Wilderness--give them a week to develop Electrostatic-Ion fields--then give the USF officers a chance to see the results. But, that would be exposing too much of my Technology to them--which I am loath to do! But, at least, I will know for myself, what is located there.
By measuring the EM Fields--I can get a rough estimate of the quantity. If its as much as you have surmised, it should produce an Electromagnetic Field, with a radius of at least one mile. A wagon load of Confederate Treasury, is producing an EM Field, with a radius of 0.42 miles. A little short of half a mile. It's easy to establish the size of the EM Field, at full Resonation. Too high a power setting, will overcharge and shrink the EM Field. To low a power setting, will not give you a full reading potential.

Long Ranger
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