Niland Geyser - California

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Niland Geyser - California

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Dubbed the “Slow One”, a mud pot five miles northwest of Niland, California is making history. The Niland Geyser, an odiferous, bubbly mud pool, first appeared in 1953 and was a typical, stationary mudpot until some time around 2007 when it began to move westward. Its progress was slow at first, but since April of 2018 it has grown increasingly mobile and now has moved 240 feet from its original site, leaving an unstable wet swath of ground behind.

As of 6/19 in has stopped moving west, but it could start again. ... eyser.html

UPDATE 09/05/19 CalTrans Press Release: CalTrans will be directing traffic through 1-way controlled lane at various locations from 1 mi north of Mundo to 1.9 mi south of Wister (Imperial Co) from 0100 hrs to 1900 hrs Sunday thru Friday 9/13/19 - due to construction to contain the Niland Geyser. Construction began last week and will continue Mondays through Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. through November. Additional closures may be necessary to accelerate the work—up to 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The work is part of an expedited project to build a temporary road to provide access to SR-111 as a natural-occurring geyser, in existence since 1953, moves toward the existing highway. Caltrans will rebuild SR-111 as the geyser moves west and beyond the temporary road. A full closure of SR-111 and an extensive out-of-way detour for up to two weeks is planned later in the project. M
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