Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Truckhaven 4X4 Training Area

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Want to test or improve your 4X4 driving skills? Ocotillo Wells SVRA has an adrenaline-fueled addition: the Truckhaven 4X4 Training Area. It consists of 22 colorfully named obstacles spread across 30 acres in the northern section of the park. Built out of heavy equipment tires, logs, concrete tubes, boulders and more (sealed together with Shotcrete and good old-fashioned dirt), these obstacles are ranked in three difficulty ratings. This one-of- a-kind, state-of-the-art destination is the result of a dynamic partnership between the State Parks, the Tierra del Sol Jeep Club, and W.E. Rock. The materials used were donated by a variety of stakeholders, and the course was designed to protect the area’s desert flavor. Recent additions include a vehicle-free, shaded observation area with picnic tables to watch the action, plus restrooms. For your own safety, ATVs and motorcycles are prohibited from the area.

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Here are pictures of some of the obstacles:

Yes, some can get up and over this obstacle.

driver view
View from inside my Jeep, this is as far as I wanted to go.

log road
Log Jam - This Is Ranked Easy

This Was Not Ranked Easy

Get Tired - Rated Difficult

Tank Trap - Rated Most Difficult


General Info| Maps | Pumpkin Patch Blow Sand Hill | Devil's Slide | Gas Domes | Arroyo Salado | Video | Little People


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