Crystals for Prosperity, Love & Healing

by Kristine Bonner

Stones on their Pouch
Stones on their Protection Pouch

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Minerals Used for Healing

The topic of healing crystals is complex, as each mineral is said to dispel different types of ailments. Clear quartz crystals, especially the ones with points, are employed to provide clarity and boost the power of whatever other stone is in use. Obsidian is said to dissolve old traumas, and to act in a similar fashion to soften blocked digestion, and release cramps and locked up arthritic joints. Jade is reputed to be a master healing stone, long in use by the Chinese and Mesoamericans. It is said to encourage a healthy long life, and to benefit elders in particular. People use it for problems of the spleen and the stomach as well.

Metal is also used in the healing arena. Many have used copper bracelets for relieving joint and bone pain or low energy. Its addition to crystal jewelry is supposed to amp up the crystalline powers and to encourage the flow of energy between the crystal and the wearer.

For weight loss, people recommend apatite (aptly named), sunstone, iolite and sodalite. Apatite is said to speed up the metabolism and iolite to release fatty deposits.

For addiction, many consider purple amethyst to be the best crystal. It is said to help promote freedom from compulsion, and to bring in higher energies, lifting up the user out of negativity.

Suggestions for use:
For healing rituals, again, start with a sage cleanse. Lie down in a peaceful, safe place where you will be uninterrupted and place the healing crystal on the body part that is affected. Bring your breath to a slow inhale and exhale. Then envision the crystal's color. Imagine your breath to be tinged with that tint. Begin to see the color moving through you as you breathe. Now imagine your exhale going through your body where the crystal is placed. Inhale through the crystal, and exhale through it, as the color passes in and through the spot. Continue until you feel done. Allow the color to dissipate. Slowly come back to yourself and carefully remove the crystal and sit up. You might follow with a grounding ritual if you are feeling light headed.

Many people interested in healing often wear their stones of choice. Beaded bracelets are popular, and not too expensive. At night, you can put them under your pillow while you sleep. Amulet bags, or protection pouches as they are sometimes called, come in many forms and are a nice way to carry your stones with you on a daily basis.

Minerals Used for Prosperity

Pyrite and citrine are generally agreed upon to be two of the most powerful prosperity stones. Pyrite can create sparks when struck against other minerals, making it one of mankind's earliest tools. The famous frozen man, Ötzi, preserved in a glacier over 5,000 years ago, was found with pieces of flint and pyrite.1 Pyrite is also called fool's gold, and can be confused with gold by inexperienced miners. Its gold tone is lighter than real gold though, and it's more brittle. It's associated with the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Keeping a piece on your desk is supposed to be good for your business and wealth building.

Pyrite, Citrine and honey calcite crystals
Pyrite, Citrine and Honey Calcite Crystals

It's easy to see why citrine, with its sunshine-yellow color, is also associated with prosperity. Some call it the merchant's stone. Advice online says to put it in any place that you associate with your money, a cash drawer, your purse, wallet, or some say, your front door to invite wealth in. Citrine is also said to boost your confidence. Much of what is sold as citrine is actually treated amethyst. True citrine is more yellow than gold or orange, so research before you buy.

Other prosperity stones are said to be aventurine for luck, tiger's eye for attraction, and moss agate for growth of your business.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Minerals Used for Love and Fertility

Rose quartz is a well-known heart opener. GIA says, "Rose quartz beads dating back to 7000 BC have been found in the area once known as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq)... People in the earliest recorded times believed in the magical powers of quartz. Ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations used quartz crystals as potent talismans."2 The Egyptians used masks of rose quartz as beauty treatments; they've been found in tombs.

This "heart stone" is said to open the heart to healing and thus allow love to manifest, first within, and then acting to draw love into your life or renewing relationships if they are already present. It is said to bring happiness, encourage sensuality and, an added plus, to help prevent aging. Some sleep with rose quartz under their pillow or under the mattress to attract love. Others like to wear a pendant over the heart.

Suggested use: Meditate holding the stone and allow its peace to permeate your aura.

Another love stone is moonstone, a mineral of the feldspar group. It has the quality of adularescence - an inner glow and appearance of movement created by light moving through layers in the stone. Its mysterious quality has made it a sought after stone for millenia. GIA says, "According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams."3 It is said to bring emotional response back to those who have been inhibited by grief or trauma. It is also thought increase passions and calm stressed hormones. As it is connected to the moon, it has a special association with women, the sea and fertility.

Suggested use: Wear the moonstone on a full moon to fall in love. Carry it with you to increase fertility.

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