Crystals for Grounding and Purification

by Kristine Bonner

Rituals for purification have been used by many traditions as preparation for becoming closer to the divine. These days, as we are exposed to an onslaught of news and information, personal practices of grounding and purification can provide opportunities to release the details of modern life and to regain tranquility and balance in life. Many people incorporate crystals in their practices, both to enjoy their beauty and because they believe them to be effective aids in releasing unwanted energies and tensions and achieving stillness and calm.

Minerals Used for Grounding

Hematite on Mars
Hematite on Mars By NASA/JPL/Cornell/USGS - (direct link), Public Domain, https://commons.wik

Grounding is thought to connect you to your sacral chakra and to make you more present and effective in the world. Hematite, iron oxide, is a favorite among many for grounding. One of the most common minerals found in the earth's crust, this black or dark red stone always leaves a red streak if it's scraped. Its name came from the Greek word haima, meaning blood. It has been found in large quantities on Mars, which is ironic as it is known as a stone to ground you to the earth. Other grounding stones are smoky quartz, moss agate and turquoise.

Suggestions for use: Grounding rituals involve a connection with nature and the earth beneath you. If you can, try to do these outside. You can stand or sit or even lie down. Burning sage is helpful. Quiet yourself, and hold your grounding crystals. You could place them on your feet if that is practical, or wear them over your heart if you have medicine bag. Breathe in, bringing energy from above the crown of your head. Imagine it moving through your body, down into the earth. Exhale it down, as if creating roots through your feet into the earth. Inhale, bringing it up from the earth, permeating your body and exhale it out through the top of your head to the sky. Repeat as many times as you wish. Feel the harmony of the universe around you, with yourself as a part of it. If you see a rock that attracts you, pick it up and carry it with you for a while.

Minerals Used for Purification

Model of Fullerene
Fullerene C60 ball and stick created from a PDB using Piotr Rotkiewicz's [ iMol]. {{gfdl}} Source: English Wikipedia, original upload 2 February 2005 by IMeowbot

Many people are interested in shungite for purification. It's a shiny, black mineraloid found mainly in the Karelia area in the far northwest of Russia, bordering on Finland. A kind of super compressed carbon, shungite contains trace amounts of fullerenes (Carbon-60), carbon units that form a spherical mesh.

There is speculation that fullerenes are a natural antibiotic - certainly shungite has that reputation. Peter the Great set up a spa in Karelia in 1719 specifically to take advantage of the mineral's anti-bacterial properties and subsequently provided his armies shards of it to place in their water supplies. This action is said to have lead to their victory over the Swiss in the battle of Poltaava, when the Swiss were afflicted with dysentery while the Russians were not.

Some people think shungite also protects from electromagnetic forces such as wifi, cell phone or other types of technologic pollution so ubiquitous in modern life. Present day uses include placing shungite in water containers to treat illnesses or maintain good health, wearing pendants or placing stones around computers to shield against EMF. 1

Other crystals to use for energy clearing and purification are howlite and amethyst. Clear quartz is also a favorite, its lucidity meant to inspire a similar purity in the user. Selenite is another well known purifying stone. It can be used for self purification or to cleanse and charge your other crystals.

Suggestions for use:

Include crystals in ceremonies with burning sage to cleanse your space. If you are able, open as many windows and doors around you as is practical. Hold the crystals in your hands and breathe deeply, bringing in new energies on the inhale, while releasing old patterns on the exhale. Call in your own vision of what is holy, or just imagine a bright light surrounding you. Continue until you feel your own sense of completion. Finish by bringing fresh flowers or new plants into your space, or even just a sprig of mint or rosemary to put on a central spot in your house or room.

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More about healing with crystals:


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