DesertUSA Critter Cam

In 2016 I started setting up my own custom game camera using the Canon 7D, which I used for polo photography ten years ago. I added a PIR trigger for wildlife in 2016. There’s a sync cable with a splitter running to two flashes which need new batteries every night. I charge them during the day.

Finding the right spot with lots of wildlife crossing a game trail was tough. We started off using our off the shelf video game cams. Over time we’ve been able to figure out the best places to put these cameras. Turns out the main trail leading into the woods was the best one – I should have started there! Lots of rain last spring resulted in lots of wildlife this year. More prey and more predators have brought lots of action to the wildlife cam, which I have been sharing on social media.

– Jim Bremner Jr., DesertUSA