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Below is a list of links to DesertUSA articles and information about park biking trails.


  • Arizona Places To Go
  • Biking at Lake Powell/Glen Canyon NRA - The backcountry and primitive roads of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are a great way to enjoy the scenery of the Colorado Plateau.
  • Wupatki National Monument - Biking at Wupatki is restricted to the Loop Road. The 36 mile route includes a lot of interesting things to see however: Bonito Park, for a view of Sunset Crater Volcano, Sunset Crater Visitor Center, Bonito Lava Flow Pull-out, Cinder Hills Viewpoint, Painted Desert Vista, Wupatki Visitor Center with access to the major pueblo, and the Doney Mountain Viewpoint.
  • Road Bicycling in Northern Arizona - Arizona carries a special appeal for cyclists because of the diverse array of landscapes. Moreover, the state, with more than 80 percent of its countryside belonging to the public, offers dozens of blue-line highways with hundreds of scenic miles of cycling.




  • Colorado Places To Go
  • Great Sand Dunes National Monument -With so few roads and so much sand there is not much opportunity for bicycling in the monument. Mountain bikes are permitted on the Medano Pass Primitive Road, but soft sand makes it more of a walk than a ride. All trails in the monument and adjacent to the U.S. Forest Service wilderness are closed to bicycles. A bike trail is planned near Zapata Falls for the future.


New Mexico



  • Arches National Park - While the Moab, Utah area is famous for mountain biking, it is permitted only on paved roads within park boundaries. Numerous areas outside the park offer some of the best mountain biking anywhere.
  • Biking at Capitol Reef National Park - Bike routes at Capitol Reef range from the easy to moderate Scenic Drive route to the more difficult Cathedral Valley Loop and South Draw Road trips to the very strenuous Boulder Mountain/Utah Highway 12 and Burr Trail Road/Bullfrog Road/Utah Highway 24 Loops.
  • Canyonlands National Park - Canyonlands is famous for its mountain biking terrain, especially for the White Rim Road in the Island in the Sky District.
  • Moab - Spectacular scenery and world-class hikes within a short distance from Moab, mountain biking over the area’s highly polished rock formations, “slickrock,” holds an irresistible lure for some people. 
  • Utah Places To Go

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