Pegleg's Lost Gold?

Ocotillo Wells SVRA


- Riding over Gold on Your ATV in Ocotillo Wells
- Ocotillo Wells SVRA - Off Highway Vehicular Area
- DesertUSA Message Board: Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting


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Ocotillo WellsOcotillo Wells SRVA
Located off of California SR 78, Ocotillo Wells has quickly become a preferred destination for ATVs, dirt bikes and dune buggies. Join DesertUSA as we take a look at what draws so many people to this location - almost 2 million people in 2007! See also the Gas Domes' mud pots and the Pumpkin Patch's mysterious round rocks.

Fonts Point

Fonts Point - Borrego Badlands
Centered in the arid Borrego Badlands due east of the Visitors Center between County Road S-22 and Route 78, four million years of geologic and paleontologic history are exhibited across a stark desert landscape. Join the crew of DesertUSA and take a road trip to Fonts Point, maybe the best place in North America to view sediments of the Pliocene and Pleistocene Epochs.


Joshua Tree NP - Old Dale Road

Joshua Tree - Old Dale Road
Old Dale Road starts in Joshua Tree National Park, passes through the Pinto Basin and out of the park into the Pinto Mountains, where it becomes Gold Crown Road. The route ends at California Route 62, 15 miles east of the small desert town of Twentynine Palms. This video will give you an idea of what the road is like in case you want to take a little 4 wheeling trip!



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