Don't Call Me Pig

Don't Call Me Pig!

By Conrad J. Storad
Illustrated by Beth Neely and Don Rantz

Price $15.95
Item 2003A, Hardcover Book


Don't Call Me Pig! uses a delightful rhyme and clever, colorful illustrations chock full of detail to tell the javelina's story. What exactly is a javelina? The hairy little animal is shaped much like a pig. It has a snout like a pig. It makes grunting noises like a pig. But is it really a pig? No way. Is it some type of large, hairy rodent? Nope. Not at all. Not even close!

Javelina is just one name for a creature that lives in large families and roams in herds across Southwestern deserts. Collared peccary is another. One thing is certain, after reading this amusing story, readers of all ages will know why they should never, ever call them pigs.

Hardcover book with full-color illustrations.