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The Three Little Javelinas and Javelina Stuffed Toy Gift set

The Three Little Javelinas book & Javelina Plush Toy 12 Inch

By Susan Lowell
Autographed by Author

Illustrated by Jim Harris

Item: 2009A

Price $29.95

Availability: SOLD OUT

This special gift set comes with a hardcover children's book titled: The Three Little Javelinas and a javelina stuffed animal.

Meet the three little javelinas (pronounced ha-va-LEE-nas)-- lovable, wild, southwestern cousins of pigs. Living in homes built out of tumbleweeds and saguaro ribs. (from the fallen giant cacti), the first two javelinas are soon running from the hungry coyote, who had hoped to eat them with red chile sauce. And where do they go for shelter? Why, to their wise sister's house, made strong with adobe bricks.

This clever and humorous tale is sure to delight children of all ages, especially those familiar with the Southwest. Dressed in cowboy duds and prepared for life in the rugged desert, these characters are more than any coyote bargained for.

Hardcover with full-color illustrations on every page.

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