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The Tortoise and The Jackrabbit
& Plush Tortoise

(Hardcover book)

By Susan Lowell - Illustrated by Jim Harris

Item: 2013a
Price $23.95
Availability:Sold Out

Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed The Three Little Javelinas, Northland Publishing's best-selling children's book ever, The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit tells the tale of the tortoise and the hare with a southwestern flair, as only Susan Lowell and Jim Harris can do.

Tortoise, living comfortably in her home on Slow Lane, awakens one morning feeling good--even fast! She looks up with her old, old eyes at cocky Jackrabbit and challenges him to a race. Patiently bumping her way through the desert landscape, Tortoise heads for the finish line as Jackrabbit cheerfully skips--and sleeps. Roadrunner, Tarantula, Skunk, Gila Monster, and even a Javelina or three cheer them on. It's irresistible fun for young and old alike!

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