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Painted Pewter, just like the real thing. Only $49.95

Great American Southwest 3D puzzle model series

Giant Sized Tarantula
L: 14.5" X H: 4.5" X W: 13.75"

Item 2101

Price $11.95

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Great American Southwest 3D puzzle Tarantula model. Consists of four sheets of beautifully grained plywood, precisely die cut into the various model pieces. The model is manufactured to the same exacting standards as very popular museum quality dinosaur models. After carefully pressing out the pieces using only your fingers (no tools or glue necessary) the model is constructed by slipping the pieces together. Directions in English, Spanish, French and German as well as numbered diagrams aid in the construction. Also included is a slip of sand paper for any small adjustments that may be necessary.

The models are especially irresistible to the seven to fifteen age group. They are also very popular with teachers who are looking for more educational material.

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