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Wyatt Earp
The Missing Years

By Kenneth R. Cilch &
Kenneth R. Cilch, Jr.

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Read about Wyatt Earp in the 1880's: his saloon and gambling hall in San Diego (the building still stands), his Mojave desert mining claims, and his participation in the Yukon gold rush. This book is full of interesting photos and documents including a rare photo of Josie Earp. There is a map of Wyatt Earp's hangouts in San Diego, and a page from the San Diego Register of 1887. The newspaper calls Wyatt Earp a "capitalist" residing at the Schmitt Boarding House.

Also included is information about his later years in Los Angeles and the circumstances of his death. There is also the text of an interview with Wyatt Earp's biographer, Stuart Lake that will intrigue anyone interested in Wyatt Earp's life. A detailed and well-researched resource, with many old photographs.

The lore of the West has been expanded by the Cilch's new work. Western buffs will enjoy the ride! There were less then 6000 of these books printed and they are difficut to find. Get your copy now.

138 pages, 36 photos and maps.
5 5/8" x 8.5"
Item - 3006

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