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Sonoran Desert Life
2nd Edtion

Extensive Coverage of Anza-Borrego and
Colorado Deserts

By Geard A Rosenthal

366 Pages - Paperback

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Nature / Flowering Plants / Desert Dwellers / Sonoran Desert / Field Guide

  • 575 superb photographs, using 1,500 images, aid in understanding the wonder and complexity of the Sonoran Desert, and its inhabitants

  • Enlarged to 6.25 x 9.25 to increase overall picuture size and improve detail of the pictures

  • Describes in depth , and beautifully illustrates more than 365 plant species from 81 families. enables the reader to identify correctly the stunningly beautiful plants of the Sonoran Desert

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the commonly found annuals, perennials, cacti, shrubs, and trees.

  • Special help in distinguishing between plants that can be easily confused and incorrectly identified.

  • Hosts of desert creatures are pictured; fascinating aspects of their behavior and place in desert life are described and explained.

  • A comprehensive glossary that covers more than 250 simply described and easy-to-understand technical terms

  • Provides a thoughtful and insightful understanding of this special and unique ecosystem.

  • Materials are provided for the advanced reader includes keys or tables to species genera, and families.

  • Carried easily when you venture out to enjoy the desert. Written to enable the whole family to better understand, and more fully enjoy their time together in this special place of continued wonder.

  • Affordably priced yet made with the hightest quility materials and binding. Designed to take rough handling without falling apart.


Gerald A. Rosenthal, a retired Professor of Biological Sciences and Toxicology, earned his doctoral degree in Botany from Duke University. Dr. Rosenthal spent his career engaged in distinguished research and teaching in Botany and Plant as well as Insect Biochemistry; topics on which he has authored several highly regarded technical treatises and numerous research articles in scientific journals.

The author has traveled the world for nearly four decades observing and photographing its major plant communities. A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, he has lived in, hiked, and studied the Sonoran Desert for more than 11 years. This work reflects his insightful observations and keen understanding of this special and unique ecosystem.

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