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Saguaro National Park Package
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2 Books and a Map - 3 Items

Saguaro bookSaguaro - Introduces visitors to this Sonoran Desert Preserve in southern Arizona, where diverse plant and animal communities thrive in a challenging land of little rain and torrid summers. Photos by George H. H. Huey, C. Allan Morgan, Edward McCain, and others. Full-color, 16 page book. 9 x 9.


Questions About the Saguaro How tall is a saguaro? How old are they? How do you pronounce SAGUARO? The answers to these and dozens of other questions about this iconic Sonoran Desert giant can be found in this lavishly illustrated full-color book. Noted botanist and author Janice Emily Bowers explains the importance of the saguaro, its place in the desert ecosystem and significance to native culture. Full color 20 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"


Saguaro National Park Map - This tear-resistant, waterproof map is based on exact reproductions of USGS topographic map information --updated and enhanced to meet the unique features of each area. Hiking tails, bike trails, and campgrounds are highlighted.

The map covers multiple USGS quadrangles, combining the convenience of a single map with the benefit of giving you exactly the area you need for your trek. Informative text on each map offers helpful information on hiking, backcountry safety and trip planning. Include topics such as wildlife, history, geology and archaeology. A National Geographic Trails Illustrated ® Map




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