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Desert Survival Kit

Desert Survival

Desert Survival Handbook,
Wilderness Survival Pocket Guide
and Outdoor Gizmos

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Desert Survival Handbook - Survival situations can and do happen to average people, as well as adventurous explorers. You'll have the capacity to handle these situations if you know and follow the fundamental principles of survival.

This book contains the basics to get you started:

  • Prepare yourself for actual emergencies by solving real life scenarios
  • Increase your survival odds by knowing how to protect your body
  • Improve your chances of rescue
  • Make survival situations easier with a survival kit

Wilderness Survival - How to stay alive in the wilderness. - A Pocket Guide
This guide contains the survival essentials in a lamitated 11 panel fold out.

Outdoor Gizmos

Did you know that a few rocks, some sticks, a shoelace or two, a wrist watch, a dollar bill, and a drinking straw are all you need to make surprisingly accurate sun-powered and star-powered gizmos? It's a fact: In minutes you can construct a stick and rock sundial or compass, assemble a Sky-high Scope (included) that can measure the height of a tree or determine where you are on the planet, or figure out how long until the sun sets using nothing more than your hands.

This handy guide is intended for just about anybody who plans on spending some time out in nature. Seasoned hikers and backpackers will want to add these gizmos to their bag of survival tricks. For everyone else, this Getgo Guide will provide great entertainment, and maybe even an entirely new way of connecting with the sun and stars.

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