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Official Guide To
Hiking the
Grand Canyon

By Scott Thyboy

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Official Guide to Hiking the Grand Canyon Revised Edition 2005

Excerpt from the introduction:

"This guidebook presents an overview of the major trails in the Grand Canyon. It provides basic information intended to plan an inner canyon hike or a walk on the rim. It doesn't cover every turn of the trail and is not intended to be used for route finding."

Color pictures and maps provide an overview of the various trails on both the South Rim and North rim of the Canyon. This guide includes general information about permits, hazards, warning, and other general hiking information.

South Rim Trails Include:

-South Bass trail
-Boucher Trail
-Waldron trail
-Hermit trail
-Bright Angel trail
-South Kaibab Trail
-Grandview trail
-New Hance Trail
-Tanner trail
-Tonto Trail

North Rim Trails Include:

-Uncle Jim Trail
-Widforss Trail
-Ken Patrick trail
-Thunder river Trail
-North Bass Trail
-North Kaibab Trail
-Clear Creek Trail
-Nankoweap Trail

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