Tales of the Mojave Road - The Military

By Dennis Casebier

Tales of the Mojave Road details the history of the Mojave Road forts established across the East Mojave by the U. S. Army starting in 1859. These lonely posts were built to protect settlers, miners, and the mails from Indian resistance. They mark a path of western migration across a harsh and unforgiving land. Published April 2007.

Tales of the Mojave Road: The MilitaryTales of the Mojave Road - The Military

By Dennis Casebier

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In 1859, the U. S. Army began establishing a line of fortifications stretching across the East Mojave to protect settlers, miners, and the mails in one the most harsh and remote desert regions of the American frontier.

Tales of the Mojave Road: The Military recounts the stories of the bluecoated soldiers manning these lonely military outposts on the Mojave Road. These narratives have been painstakingly resconstructed from detailed research in the records of the United States Army, National Archives and other sources, This is the rich military history behind the remnants of the fast-disappearing Army artifacts of the Mojave Desert.

The Military was researched and authored by renowned desert historian Dennis Casebier. The book is perfection bound, printed on high quality paper, containing 238 pages with a full color cover featuring a beautiful modern day image of Fort Piute. Inside is a historic map, drawn by Henry Martyn Robert in 1869, depicting the Mojave Road from the Pacific Coast to the Colorado River. The book features a portraiture section of the military men profiled in the narrative, is illustrated with photographs and period line art, and is enriched with bibliographical references and an index.

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