Hiking the Mojave Desert

Natural and Cultural Heritage of Mojave National Preserve

Michel Digonnet - New book on hiking in the Mojave desert.

Mojave National Preserve - 80 hiking destinations 435 Pages

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You may order the Hiking the Mojave Desert and a Recreation Map of the Mojave National Preserve. The map has color-coded symbols and trails, mileages between trail junctions, latitude/longitude, UTM grids, contour lines, vegetation, up-to-date elevation. If you don't need the map you can just order the book.

Hiking the Mojave Desert
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Hiking the Mojave Desert
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Hiking the Mojave Desert 435 Pages

Mojave National Preserve protects 1.6 million acres of spectacular arid lands at the heart of the Mojave Desert. Par of the celebrated Great Basin province, it is a spellbinding region of mighty mountain ranges rising thousands of feet above vast inland basins. Famous for majestic Kelso Dunes, the Devils Playground, and the worlds largest Joshua tree forest, the preserve also holds considerable natural and cultural wealth, including a wild range of landscapes, striking plant communities, and rich mining past. Above all, it is a land of contrasts, alternatively forlorn and vibrant with life, stark and colorful, blanketed in snow in the winter, awash with wildflowers in the spring, and scorching hot in the summer. Being high-desert country and generally a little cooler than Death Valley, topographically less rugged, and far less visited, it offers a tremendous potential for comparatively easier hiking in complete solitude.

This book is an invitation to desert lovers to explore this little-known gem. Meticulously researched, it provides valuable information about the geology, mining history, wildlife, and botany of the beautiful region. Illustrated with plenty of custom topographic maps, photographs, and hand drawings, it describes more than 80 hiking destinations and varied as rugged canyons and lofty summits, salt flats and eerie volcanic plateaus, lush springs and pine forests, cactus gardens, rock art, and a healthy collection of mines, camps, and ghost towns.


Foreword 1
About this Book 3

1. The Preserve at a Glance 9

A Desert Legacy 9
Campgrounds and Other Facilities 12
Weather 22
Best Seasons to Visit 24
Driving in the Preserve 25

2. Natural History 27

Geology 27
Plants of the East Mojave Desert 36
Wildlife 42

3. Cultural History 47

Native American History 47
Mining History 52
Railroad History 59
Ranching and Homesteading History 66

4. Safety Tips and Regulations 71

Safety Tips 71
Regulations 77
Wilderness Ethics 80

5. Kelso Basin 81

Zzyzx 87
Cowhole Mountain 97
Old Dad Mountain 101
Cinder Cones and Lava Beds 109
Kelso Dunes 119
The Devils Playground 125
CimaDome 131
Teutonia Peak 137
The Death Valley Mine 141

6. Clark Mountain Range 147

Alaska Hill 153
The Colosseum Mine 161
Clark Mountain 169
The Copper World Mine and Pachalka Spring 173
Valley Wells 181

7. Ivanpah Mountains 187

Copper Cove 193
The Evening Star Mine 199
New Trail Canyon 205
Kessler Peak 211

8. New York Mountains 215

Castle Peaks 221
Vanderbilt 227
Keystone Canyon 237
Sagamore Canyon 243
Carruthers Canyon 251

9. Mid Hills 259

Butcher Knife Canyon 265
Eagle Rocks 269
Table Mountain 273
Mid Hills to Hole-in-the-Wall Trail 277
Hole-in-the-Wall 283

10. Providence Mountains 289

Cornfield Spring 297
The Vulcan Mine 303
Quail Spring Basin 311
The Bonanza King Mine 317
Mitchell Caverns 325
Fountain Peak 333
The Big Horn Mine 339
Hidden Hill 343

11. Granite Mountains 349

Bull Canyon 355
Devils Playground Canyon 361
Willow Spring Basin 367
Sheep Corral 371
Budweiser Canyon 375

12. Lanfair Valley Area 381

Rock Spring Canyon 387
Rustler Canyon 391
Hackberry Mountain 397
Fort Piute 403
Piute Canyon 409
The Mojave Road 415
Bibliography 423

Index of Destinations 429

Index 435

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