Gem Trails of Nevada

By James R. Mitchell

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Gem Trails of Nevada

Expanded and revised edition. - Nevada has long been known for its vast mineral deposits, and, in fact, the state's official nickname is "The Silver State." That mineral, however, is not limited to commercial metals, but also to the plethora of other gemstones that can be gathered within its boundaries. If you choose to visit all of the sites discussed in the book, you will not only be able to gather an incredible variety of minerals and gems, but will also travel through landscapes with equally as much variety. 28 new sites added,

Gem Trails of Nevada - detailed travel instructions are provided for each location, with an accompanying map and photo to assist with locating the sites. Mileages are as accurate as possible, but be advised that odometers on all vehicles vary and distances have been rounded to the nearest tenth of a mile.


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