Gem Trails of New Mexico

Expanded, Revised Edition
By James R. Mitchell

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New Mexico is a rockhound's paradise-122,000 square miles. Some mountainous and forested, but much of it arid with little vegetation. Large amounts of public land are available for collecting.

From micromount and gem quality mineral specimens, to fossil pieces containing life forms that are millions of years old. There is, something of interest to both the novice and experienced collector.

Gem Trails of New Mexico - Detailed maps, driving directions, descriptive text and helpful rockhounding tips lead collectors from the geologic wonderland of Bisti to the unbelievable variety of collectibles at the Rockhound State Park. New Mexico's extensive landscape and mineral wealth are highlighted here in color as well as black and white photographs.

This latest fully revised edition of Gem Trails of New Mexico, best-selling rockhound guide adds 25 new sites, updates the old ones, and details the finest rock. mineral and gem sites that "The Land of Enchantment" has to offer.


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